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Transferring your existing mobile number to Tatem Telecom is easy. You just need to follow the simple steps and we will convert your number just within 3 working days without changing your number.

Transfer your existing mobile number

Sometimes you get mad at your network connection, most likely because its package plans and call rates are too high, or you are not getting the signals properly at your home or office location. And simply you want to change your network provider, but you want to stay with your number. Switch to Tatem Telecom without changing your number.

Switch To Tatem Telecom from Other Networks

Switch To Tatem Telecom from Other Networks

This offer applies to customers that port their number to Tatem Telecom from another operator. To get the offer, the customers must request the activation of the Offer when they request the number portability. So, customers must wait for the confirmation message before using the offer or can check if the offer is active dialing *865#. The offer is valid for 30 days and is subject to auto-renewal, therefore customers are required to keep the minimum amount to allow the first activation and subsequent renewals, unless they want to cancel the renewal by dialing *887#.
If a customer has insufficient credit for the renewal of the offer, the customer will have 48 hours to top-up and text PORTIN to 3345 again. Customers must wait for the confirmation message again before using the offer. Tatem Telecom does not offer the Offer to those who have ported their phone number from Tatem Telecom in the last 15 days.
It is possible to use the offer when roaming in European Union countries (EU/EEA countries), but a maximum data limit of 100GB (Fair usage policy) will be applied. The Offer is for non-commercial, private, personal use only. The offer is also subject to our Fair Usage Policy, which can find on our website www.tatemtelecom.eu Tatem Telecom reserves the right to amend or vary the terms of this offer, or to withdraw the offer at any time on reasonable notice. Tatem telecom offer is valid for the number that will port from 05/17/2020 to 31/12/2023.

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If you need help and support, don’t hesitate to reach out. There are many resources available that can provide you with the assistance you need.