Tatem Telecom

How To Use Tatem Telecom Services

Using Tatem Telecom is simple. Here you can learn how to use the complete guidelines for SIM activation, settings, plans and other informational enquiries. We are always here to assist you whenever you need us. This section contains Tatem Telecom’s service guidelines for users. How to use guidelines contained SIM activation, and how to recharge/ balance information. These guidelines also contained call rates, language settings, and much more useful information. If you have a question that isn’t answered in the section, contact us directly and we’d be happy to assist you!

Balance Enquiry

View your balance on your mobile screen by dialing *100#​

Top up

You can top up by dialing *111# or dialing *111*PIN#

Display Own Number

View your Tatem Telecom number by dialing *132#

Get tariff details

To get tariff details dial *101# or *101*MSISDN#. i.e: *101*0045xxxxxx#

Get free minutes

To get free minutes by dialing *102#

Voicemail services

Activate VMS service by dialing *108# or activate by dialing *108*66#

Customer care

MVNO choice 187
International format: +436890240187

VMS retrieval

MVNO choice 212
International format: +436890002212


MVNO choice 313
International format: +436890002313

How to get started with Tatem Telecom?

If your mobile phone is locked it may show one of the following messages when you insert your SIM: ‘Invalid SIM’ or ‘Insert SIM’. Unlocking your mobile phone is easy – simply call our Customer Service for advice. You can get started with Tatem Telecom by following these easy steps:

Insert Sim card into your mobile and switch it on

Top up your mobile

You can also register your SIM online

Now you can make and receive calls and SMS from Tatem Telecom

Need Help?

If you need help and support, don’t hesitate to reach out. There are many resources available that can provide you with the assistance you need.