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Tatem Telecom, the main authorized operator in the Domestic Republic of Congo, has prompt intends to stretch out its system to North America and Europe.

We are more than just a service provider; we are architects of connectivity, committed to delivering a seamless and enriching experience to our users. Our journey began 20 years ago with a simple yet ambitious goal: to redefine how people connect, communicate, and experience the digital world.

Our Achievements at a Glance

20 +
Years of Innovation
15 +
Global Presence
1 Gbps
Daily Network Speed
1 M+GB
Data Secured

Seamless Journeys, Connected Lives


Always stay connected

Travel the world connected and carefree with the help of our extensive roaming voice and data offers.

Best Travel Companion

Discover the world with the best travel companion at your side. Our services go beyond connectivity

Live bigger, live better

Our commitment is to amplify every moment, offering you connectivity that enriches your experiences.

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